Márk Redele is currently based in Amsterdam.

He has shown works in various exhibitions and programs including Palais De Tokyo ( Paris ), BIN - Belgian Institute for Normalisation ( Turnhout ), Sandberg Graduation Show 2016 - East Wing ( Amsterdam ).

For more information please get in touch:

+31 6 16745712


New Arrivals - A fitting event, 24 m2, spring 2017
a series of aluminium and wax columns support structure, a series of blue wax separation elements, two blue wax vertical display elements, two blue wax display stands, a series of sanitary products of 15mm tubing and fittings, a window sticker, a blue wax and aluminium sales desk, a salesmen, a uniform for the salesmen ( SHHDFA ), a soundtrack for shopping ( by Erik and Lucas Roos Lindgreen )