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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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In my practice I deal with the delivery of frames and conditions that allow consequent complexity to unfold. When deploying a set of spatial elements, things are being put into play and life is offered up; the situation we are facing becomes apparent as function, simply as a consequence. How does one deal with spatiality without presupposition? I relate my practice to architectural discourse, among other things, on modes of operation, architectural brief and materiality.

Márk Redele is a graduate of the Studio for Immediate Spaces department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam and the Technical University of Pécs, Hungary. He has shown works in various exhibitions and programs including Palais De Tokyo ( Paris ), BIN - Belgian Institute for Normalisation ( Turnhout ), Sandberg Graduation Show 2016 - East Wing ( Amsterdam ) and Zoete Broodjes ( Amsterdam ).

Studio Márk Redele has recently been awarded a grant from the creative industries fund NL

Glossary of works:

Amsterdam, 2017 Summer
The work - Model For A Fashion Show - was conceived for fashion designer Timna Weber as part of the exhibition, Eternal Erasure that took place in Nieuwe Dakota, Amsterdam and was curated by Lukas Feireiss. It serves as a presentation device for the collection and as an environment for a host in grey and blue uniform who acts as a collective entity, occupying the perspective of the garment, speaking in singular first person. The installation intorduces a series of vertical and horizontal planes from the same genetic pool offering possible frameworks for backdrop, presentation and circulation. Material and tolopology, the garments and the host seemingly arrive from a shared reality. The construction was carried out along simple rules of bending and cutting in a way that avoids the possibility of precise planning.

Amsterdam, 2017 Spring
SHHDFA is an oppurtunistic clothing line created by Hung Shih Hui and Arie de Fijter. Arnold Neumann was the host of the setting created for the exhibition New Arrivals, A fitting event; he also got fitted with an appropriate jacket by SHHDFA. Interested in the progression of situations and the liquidity of function the exhibition temporarly turned into an in-promptu photo shoot, taken over by SHHDFA with Arnold Neumann as a model, leaving his duties but retaining his appearance and realationship with the environment that was created for the exhibition.

Amsterdam, 2016 Summer
Conceived for the Sandberg Graduation Show 2016 and presented as part of East Wing, a frame for six situations, curated by Valentijn Byvanck. The SHOP - Deep Green Inflatable Goods takes the form of a commercial space where a series of products labelled “Deep Green Inflatable Goods” are up for sale. A professional sales clerk lingers around and is ready to conduct formalised exchange.

Amsterdam, 2017 Spring
Solo exhibition at Zoete Broodjes, Amsterdam with a duration of one month. The work is a spatial framework, a support structure for a situation where a series of sanitary products ( the new arrivals ) are revealed for the public and they are up for sale. The products focus on the plumbing techniqe using 15mm pipes and fittings. Thorughout the month 4 consecutive fitting events took place where a salesmen, Arnold Neumann, welcomed the potential customers with an in-depth introduction to the product line, purchase possibilities and additional services.

Amsterdam, 2014 Autumn
This work is a multiple edition, a series of brass, oriental carpets. Each of them is an agent, a set of policies that allows certain situations to emerge where deployed. The carpet is a center piece of many domestic environments, always surrounded by an easily recognizable set of furniture, decor, presence of habitants, specific spatial and temporal qualities. It renders an instant atmosphere for peculiar daily practices: gatherings, parties, fields for playstation games. The persian carpet often finds itself in front of us in every corner of the world, in a recognizable fashion.

Paris, 2016 Spring
The Shoe Department is a commercial shoe exchange. Conceived as part of the exhibition, A Place Beyond Desire at the Sandberg Instituut, and later exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Amsterdam, 2016 Autumn
A series of tables and benches.